Thursday, April 1, 2010


LA's Silent Movie Theater will be screening obscure movies that happen to have random song-and-dance numbers every Saturday evening in April as a part of their 'HOLYFUCKINGSHIT - Can't Stop the Musicals' series.

Catch forgotten gems such as Jailhouse Rock (female inmates start a dance dance revolution), Jaani Dushman (Terminator 2 meets Bollywood), and Flash Forward (a dance-off movie directed by Sidney Poitier[?!].) The highlight of the series is the 30th Anniversary screening of Forbidden Zone. This oddity is a journey into the Sixth Dimension set to an Oingo Boingo soundtrack, and features a young Danny Elfman as a cabaret-style Satan. Director Richard Elfman will be in attendance, and will do a Q&A after the show.

Forbidden Zone, 1980

Jaani Dushman, 1979

Fast Forward, 1985

Jailbird Rock, 1988

Listing of Events:

April 3 - Forbidden Zone 30th Anniversary Screening

April 10 - Son of Bollyweird (feat. Jaani Dushman)

April 17 - Leotarded! '80s Dance Movie Madness (feat. Fast Forward)

April 24 - Mondo Musicals Mix Night (feat. Jailbird Rock)

Tickets: $10

The Silent Movie Theater

611 N Fairfax Avenue

Los Angeles

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